Medical Supplies For The Elderly

Looking after an elderly person is a very different task to looking after a child, although they may need your help just as much as a child would. What your medical supplies would be in this case is largely going to depend on how mobile the person is, what the environment is like and what injuries they are likely to endure. By being prepared, you can help them through a trying time.

Get the elementary supplies out of the way – you will need adhesive plasters, adhesive tape, etc. Keep in mind that the skin of the elderly tends to be a lot more fragile so be careful to apply tape only in need. Keep a skin nourisher on hand to help the skin.

Your kit should be in a well marked container and should be easy to lift and move – especially if the person may need to administer their own first aid. Put it within easy reach and make sure that bottles, etc. are easy to open – especially for those people who have arthritis in there hands. Keep a lot of salves and plasters to treat the scrapes and scratches.

You will probably need to mop up a fair amount of blood as skin tends to bleed more as we age. I find that gauze is better for this – cotton wool tends to leave fibers in the wound that cause problems later. The gauze should be held in place until the bleeding stops – it may be necessary to tape it in place.

Interactions between over the counter drugs and prescribed medicines are of particular importance at this stage. You do not want to give a patient that is taking medication for high blood pressure something with ephedrine in, for example. The combination could be dangerous. Ask your pharmacist for advice before buying OTC meds.

Incontinence products will take the place of sanitary towels here. Be sure that you get the product that is the right size and fit. Ensure that the product is able to handle the flow – there are differing levels of protection – but get the product that is the least intrusive. People with this issue normally hate discussing it so make products available to them and top up discreetly.

Of course, you will need to ensure that everything is in order with the kit periodically. Make sure that goods are replaced at regular intervals and be sure to dispose of goods that are past their “Use By” date. Keep the kit handy for all small emergencies.