What Medical Supplies to Keep at Home

April 1st, 2014

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For the most of us, living a healthy, active lifestyle with the ones we love is important. We want quality of life as much as we want more time to spend with them, so we take steps to ensure that we are healthier for longer. As a result, we try to keep medical supplies around that will help us to handle disease before it gets too serious. This can be anything from vitamins to specific disease fighting medications and various supplies that promote healing and well-being.

Deciding what can go into the kit is what gets confusing. One site says that you need a full first aid kit, one says that you just need the basics. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. Every family is different and so will need different supplies. Let us say mom does a lot of baking, for example, it thus makes sense for there to be a burn treatment kit in place.

A house full of adults, for example, will have very different needs to a house where there are small children. What you need to consider is what accidents or sickness is most likely to occur within the family unit and be sure to stock up on items related to that. You will also need to add in a few basic supplies, for general first aid as well.

Because families change as the years progress, your needs in terms of supplies will change as well. Kids are born and grow up and their needs change accordingly. Be sure that you keep on top of the possible changes and you will always find yourself prepared.

The basic supplies that everyone needs are based on common sense – you can even get a very basic kit already made up to help you out there. Consider getting a bigger container so that you can add in extra items as it suits you. These kits must be put in a safe place and all the family members need to know where they are. Periodically check the kit and replace expired supplies. Be sure to replace items used as soon as possible.

You will need bandages, scissors, medical tape, safety pins, different types of bandaids, etc. You need something that can clean a wound, help fight infection and something to keep it clean or covered. You will need to cut and stick things. Also consider adding in some alternative remedies, such as Rescue Remedy for shock.